A Guide to Child Support in Florida

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Florida law states that parents of a minor child have a legal and moral obligation to support and maintain their children. When parents separate or get divorced, Florida Child Support Guidelines outline the amount of financial support that one parent must pay the other. 

Though child support in Florida is mainly based on each parent’s income and custody rights, child support can become a complicated and emotional matter. It’s important to work with a child custody and child support attorney to navigate these rough waters.  (more…)

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Should I Modify My Custody Orders?

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Child custody is an extremely sensitive and emotional issue. If your current custody order isn’t sufficient and you want to modify your arrangement, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge you’ll need to succeed. 

Common Reasons To Modify a Custody Order

The court’s priority is always serving the best interest of the child. If your current custody arrangement works well for all parties, it’s unlikely that the court will agree to alter the terms. However, there are a few urgent reasons to seek modification of your current custody orders. (more…)

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How Long Does a Divorce Take?

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You don’t want your divorce proceedings to last a minute longer than they need to. In Florida, divorce may take anywhere from 3 to 24 months depending on the level of conflict and disagreement between spouses. On average, most Florida divorces conclude within 12 months.

If you are contemplating divorce or just starting your proceedings, here’s the timeline you can expect. (more…)

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How Is Military Divorce Different from Regular Divorce?

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Military divorces involve many factors that make them different from regular civilian divorces. If you or your spouse is an active member of the military, it’s important to understand these elements of a military divorce and how they may influence your divorce proceedings. 

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act 

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is a federal law enacted to help servicemembers focus on their missions abroad by protecting them from unexpected personal issues or circumstances. (more…)

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