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The Department of Health and Human Services established the Child Support Enforcement program in 1975 to “ensure that children have the financial support of both their parents, to foster responsible behavior towards children, to emphasize that children need to have both parents involved in their lives, and to reduce welfare costs.”

In support of this action, the Florida Department of Revenue has the authority to enforce your child support requirements. Once your child support payment amount is established, as determined by Florida’s child support guidelines, the payment requirement is enforceable not only in Hillsborough County and throughout Florida, but also anywhere in the country.

If you have received a letter from Florida Department of Revenue about child support, you probably have questions about what to do next. The Caveda Law Firm, P.A. has answers. We have been helping residents of Tampa, Tampa Bay, and Hillsborough County for more than 15 years.

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There are two processes in which the Department of Revenue and the courts can become involved with your case once the original amount has been established: enforcing child support orders if you fail to pay or receive payments, or modifying child support orders to change the amount of the payment.

In either case, you will want to contact a child support attorney to ensure that you and your child are represented fairly during the process.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders – Requester

If you are not receiving the payments you and your child have been awarded, contact us so we can guide you through the difficult process of getting the payments you deserve. In Hillsborough County our child support lawyers will work with you to ensure payment by placing liens on property, getting payments directly from the parent’s employers, or suspending a driver’s license.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders – Payer

If you have been issued an Enforcement order it is critical that you take this seriously. In the state of Florida, the courts have the ability to get you to pay by:

  • Suspending your Florida driver licenses
  • Taking tax refunds
  • Telling employers to take payments directly from your paychecks
  • Placing a lien on your property

Contact our child support attorneys so we can work with you and the courts to find the fairest way to all parties to bring you into compliance. We will examine your finances and situation and negotiate a method to repay your costs so your child can receive the support needed. This could result in reduced payments, a deferral of payments, and/or a modification of future payments.


As time passes circumstances surrounding the child support payments will change. Both parents can petition the court for an adjustment to the current payment. If either parent will be relocating, has received a raise, lost their job, if the child has special needs, or for any other payment altering events, contact our experienced child support lawyers. We will work with you and the state to determine the revised payments that meets Florida’s child support guidelines.


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