How Pre-Suit Mediation Can Help You Avoid A Costly Litigation

If you’re facing a divorce or child custody battle, you have surely considered how expensive the proceedings may be. Horror stories about these cases costing tens of thousands of dollars are common, so anything that can lessen the impending cost is welcome for most. Pre-suit mediation is the best way to handle grievances without the full-blown costs of a court trial.

What is Pre-Suit Mediation?

Pre-suit mediation involves bringing both parties together in a legal environment that is less formal than a traditional court. With the assistance of a court-appointed and trained mediator, the parties will share their grievances and evidence, discuss the issues, and hopefully come to a compromise that works for everyone.

Many courts favor pre-suit mediation as the best way to resolve conflicts and lessen the burden of cases on the court system, especially for child custody disputes. Some courts and judges even require pre-suit mediation prior to divorce and child custody.

Why is Pre-Suit Mediation Better Than Going to Trial?

Court trials are expensive. The fees and costs, such as attorney fees, court costs, lost time and wages, and travel expenses, will seem to multiply as each day passes. By handling divorce and child custody issues in pre-suit mediation, many of these fees are eliminated and the total cost of the case for all parties is reduced.

Pre-suit mediation will also typically lead to a resolution much quicker than a traditional court trial. Mediation can resolve issues in as little as one meeting, while trials typically drag on for weeks or months. When you have to request time off of work to attend court proceedings, getting things done quickly becomes a priority.

Pre-Suit Mediation Services in Tampa Bay

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