A Guide To Child Support In Florida

Florida law states that parents of a minor child have a legal and moral obligation to support and maintain their children. When parents separate or get divorced, Florida Child Support Guidelines outline the amount of financial support that one parent must pay the other. 

Though child support in Florida is mainly based on each parent’s income and custody rights, child support can become a complicated and emotional matter. It’s important to work with a child custody and child support attorney to navigate these rough waters. 

What Is the Purpose of Child Support?

Child support is a system designed for the benefit of the child only. The goal is to ensure that the child maintains an acceptable standard of living and receives all necessities without struggle. 

Child support payments are dedicated to costs including:

  • Food and clothing
  • Education expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Hobbies, activities, and entertainment

Determining Child Support

The amount of child support that one parent must pay another is determined based on the parents’ net income and the number of children involved. 

The main factors considered in child support calculations are:

  • The combined monthly income of both parents
  • The number of children they share
  • The number of overnight stays with each parent
  • The medical, dental, psychological, and educational needs of the children

There are some rare cases in shared custody situations where neither parent pays child support because they share equal custody and have equal incomes; but in most cases, one parent has the responsibility to pay the other child support. 

Consequences of Non-Payment

Florida strictly enforces its child support laws. If you have questions about child support, contact an attorney who has the experience and compassion to advocate on your behalf during this difficult transition.

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