Should I Modify My Custody Orders?

Child custody is an extremely sensitive and emotional issue. If your current custody order isn’t sufficient and you want to modify your arrangement, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge you’ll need to succeed. 

Common Reasons To Modify a Custody Order

The court’s priority is always serving the best interest of the child. If your current custody arrangement works well for all parties, it’s unlikely that the court will agree to alter the terms. However, there are a few urgent reasons to seek modification of your current custody orders.

First, you may need to modify custody orders following a relocation. The court will weigh the following factors in this situation:

  • Why did one parent relocate?
  • Has the relocation impacted the existing visitation schedule?
  • Would the child’s life be interrupted by a child custody modification?
  • Have the parents attempted to communicate with each other for a resolution?

Second, you may feel the urgent need to modify custody orders if you believe your child is in danger. The court takes this issue seriously and considers the following questions:

  • Is the child experiencing domestic violence in the parent’s home?
  • Is the child in immediate danger?
  • Has the child expressed unwillingness to remain in one parent’s home?

Tips for Initiating New Child Custody Proceedings

Requesting the court to alter your child custody arrangement isn’t a simple task, so don’t initiate new proceedings until you’re prepared.

To start, communicate with the other parent to attempt a mutually-acceptable agreement. This makes it possible to adjust your custody orders on your own terms, without the courts having the final say. 

If you can’t work with the other parent cooperatively, you can seek mediation or arbitration through the courts. This process uses a third party to help both parents come to an agreement. If mediation and arbitration fail, the full court process will begin. 

Make sure you have the best child custody attorney in your corner before walking back into court. For more than 25 years, Caveda Law has helped Tampa Bay families navigate the difficult world of child custody and family law. Call (813) 463-0800 to speak to a family law expert and get the help you need.