The Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is never an easy ordeal, but it is especially hard when there are disagreements. 

An uncontested divorce happens when both spouses agree on all of the issues of the divorce without having to go to trial. Uncontested divorces have many benefits over contested divorces, including:

Contested divorces can drag out for years, keeping assets tied up and relationships on edge. Uncontested divorces are handled quickly, with the attorney for the spouse who initially requested the divorce drafting up the final judgment paperwork. This frees the spouses to move on with their lives and begin to heal after the emotional stress of the divorce.

A faster process means less time is taken up in the court and with attorneys. This means reduced expenses and court costs, which can save the spouses tens of thousands of dollars.

A divorce that keeps looming over your head brings on a lot of stress. Stress is a silent killer, causing various health issues for people all over the world. An uncontested divorce allows you to lift the stress of the divorce process off your shoulders much quicker, saving your physical and mental health.

Contested divorces that go to trial require certain documents and notices to be filed publicly, giving the entire world access and knowledge of the spouse’s personal affairs. However, with an uncontested divorce, a higher level of privacy may be maintained during the divorce proceedings.

Kids are especially sensitive to the negative energy that a divorce can cause. Disagreements about custody, child support, schedules, and more can cause extreme tension in the home that affects everyone there, children included. Lessen the stress on the kids with a calm, quick, and private uncontested divorce.

There’s nothing wrong with a couple that tries to maintain a friendship after divorce, and this is much easier if the divorce was not hostile. Uncontested divorces can lead to real growth for all parties involved and are an opportunity to handle a typically upsetting situation with maturity.

Uncontested divorce support in Tampa Bay

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